Maximize Your Wealth Potential

I’m a guide for those who want to make the most of your prime earning years to build long-term wealth.

Begin Your Wealth Journey With A Free Net Worth Tracker

Once you start measuring and tracking your net worth, you’ll have a better chance of building wealth. You’ll be able to visualize where you are currently and can begin plotting your next wealth milestone. 

Building and maintaining wealth consists of a variety of elements.

You need the right mindset, strategy, and implementation.

And that’s where a guide like me comes in.

Whatever your wealth trajectory or potential, I want to help you accelerate and multiply your means.

When you partner with me on your finances, you’ll…

• Have clarity and direction on exactly what you should be doing next to reach your next financial milestone
• Have the resources and tools you need to implement your wealth-building plan
• Accelerate the rate at which you reach your financial goal

Are you a high-income earner or couple looking to have an advisor work with you one-on-one on an ongoing basis? I work with a limited number of households serving as their personal financial advisor.

Are you a budding wealth-builder who wants to learn how to build your own plan? I’ve refined my processes into a step by step system that you can follow to craft your own wealth-building plan. A great solution for DIY-ers or those who aren’t ready to work with an advisor one-on-one.

Are you looking for a personal finance speaker or trainer for your audience? I specialize in topics on personal finance, business, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. I provide a fresh perspective and voice in an industry that lacks adequate gender and racial diversity.

Hi, I’m Kaya Ladejobi

I’m a personal finance expert to Gen X and Gen Y women and couples who want to build wealth. I’m passionate about helping others maximize their wealth potential, particularly those who have been typically underrepresented and underserved in the finance industry.

If you feel like you spent years striving for professional success only to realize you don’t know how to achieve the same success with your money, I can help you. 



Accumulate & Grow™

A 10-Week Group Financial Coaching program for women and couples looking to learn the strategy and implementation techniques to build and maintain a healthy net-worth. 

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